[It's important.] to the customer who has allergy to foods.

The customer's safety is made taking and the best hospitality is offered to a customer at our cottage.

So that you'll confirm the following thing from a point of view, and to receive understanding.

Thank you.

The allergen set by a food indication way

アレルギー表示 Allergens, Allergy Information

Egg   大豆 Soybean   牛乳 Milk   Dairy products  小麦 Wheat  落花生 Peanut  蕎麦 Buckwheat

ごま Sesame  エビ Shrimp  カニ Crab  アワビ Abalone  イカ Cuttlefish  イクラ Salmon row  サケ Salmon

サバ Mackerel  牛肉 Beef  豚肉 Pork  鶏肉 Chicken  ゼラチン Gelatin  キウイ Kiwi fruit  大豆 Soybean

クルミ Walnut  カシューナッツ Cashew nut  バナナ Banana  りんご Apple   Peach

松茸 Matsutake mushroom

Display obligation has the 7th specific raw material for a manufacturer.

Shrimp, crab, soba, wheat harvest, egg, milk and peanuts

The one recommending the 20th piece of indication as a manufacturer in accordance with a specific raw material

(There is no display obligation.)

How much are ear shell and squid* orange,* cashew nuts, kiwi-fruit beef and walnuts

Sesame, avoidance, mackerel, soybeans, chicken, banana pork, matsutake mushroom, peach, yam and apple


I'll get information from the supplier who are the ingredients at our cottage, and as far as it's possible, I answer.

Because scrupulous notice is taken of cooking, but the same kitchen as other dishes is used.

There is also a possibility that an allergen of a small amount gets mixed from cookware and tableware, etc..

The perfect removal is difficult.

Removal will ask the customer requesting a dish corresponding to allergy to foods about the necessary ingredients by mail telephone as an allergen beforehand.

Further, about the customer with a possibility who wakes the severe allergic reaction up

After consulting beforehand, it'll correspond.