What time is check-in and check-out?


Our check-in time is from 3:00pm - 6:30pm, and we ask guests to check out by 11:00am.

Can we leave our luggage somewhere if we arrive earlier than 3pm?


Yes, you may leave your luggage with us when you arrive, and we will look after it for you while you go sightseeing until dinner time (until 6:30pm).


Can we wait in the lobby if we arrive before check-in time?

Is it possible to check in early?

   Yes, you may wait in the lobby until your room is ready.

*Please note that you will not be able to check in before 3pm due to room cleaning and preparation.

Can you look after our luggage after we check out?

   Yes, we can look after it for you. Please just tell us what time you expect to come back to pick up your luggage.
Can we park our car at the hotel after we have checked out?

   It is possible to leave your car with us until 3pm, after which new guests will start checking in. If you would like to leave your car after checking out, please tell us and leave your car keys with the front desk staff.
 Can we send our luggage to your hotel in advance?    

Yes, you can.

Please clearly fill out your reservation name, check-in date, and contact telephone number on the delivery form.
Mailing address: Kijitei Hoeiso, 227 Yumotochaya, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, Japan   Post code: 250-0312
Telephone No: 0460-85-5763



Could you give more details about the special dinner menu (pheasant cuisine)?


Hoeiso is the first and only place that provides this kind of pheasant cuisine in Hakone.

You can view sample images of the food on our website using the links below:

http://www.hoeiso.jp/English.html#cuisine (English)

http://hoeiso.jp/China.html#ryouri (Chinese )

http://www.hoeiso.jp/Korea.html#ryouri (Korean)

We serve pheasant meat that is tasty and has quite a mild flavour. It is known for being a healthy meat that is lean, hearty, and rich in protein and amino acids. In Japan, it is popular with people of all generations.

We order our pheasant meat from an affiliated farm, Kihoku Kiji Kobo, where they try to raise them in a near‐natural environment. (Farm is located in Kihoku Town, which is in Ehime on Shikoku Island, Japan)


Can you tell me about the children's menu options?


WWe have several dinner options for children, as stated below.
(The room rates include breakfast, dinner, service charge and tax)

1. Children Aged 10-12 years old / Price is 70% of the adult room rate.
(The food menu is similar to the adult menu: there are 3 dishes less than the basic adult menu)

2. Children Aged 6-9 years old / Price is 50% of the adult room rate.
(Food menu is Deep-fried Shrimp, Hamburg Rissole, Spaghetti, Eggroll, French Fries, Rice Ball, and Dessert)

3. Children Aged 2-5 years old / Price: 7,560 yen.
(Food menu is also Deep-fried Shrimp, Hamburg Rissole, Spaghetti, Eggroll, French Fries, Rice Ball, and Dessert)

We aim to provide meals that children will find tasty and fulfilling.
In fact, we believe that the children's dishes look so good that even adults will be tempted to eat them!

*We can also arrange a Japanese-style children's menu upon request.
(Deep-fried Shrimp → Simmered Food, Hamburg Rissole → Cooked Food, Spaghetti → Wheat Noodles)

Children's Breakfast Menu:
Ham, Cooked Fish, Egg, Salad, Yogurt, Rice, Miso Soup or White Bread and Orange Juice. Price: 3,780 yen (tax included)


We would like to stay for 2 or 3 nights.
Is it the same menu for each day?


No, we will provide a different menu for each day.
We can prepare a different menu for up to 3 days.
If you would like to stay for 4 days or more, we may ask you to choose from the same menu as on your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day.

What is the dinner menu for the first day?


The first day will be our Special Japanese Banquet Dinner (Kaiseki-Dinner) menu, which is pheasant cuisine.


You can view sample images of the food on our website using the links below:

http://www.hoeiso.jp/English.html#cuisine (English)

http://hoeiso.jp/China.html#ryouri (Chinese )

http://www.hoeiso.jp/Korea.html#ryouri (Korean)

Please enjoy our natural, lean, and hearty pheasant meat cuisine..

Pheasant meat is rich in amino acids and protein.

We will serve pheasant meat cooked on clay tiles, seared pheasant meat, and a pheasant hot pot. (*Course menu is subject to change)

 I have allergy and cannot eat pheasant、pork, chicken, beef, shellfish、etc..
Can you provide other menu?

Yes, we can arrange either a seafood meal or vegetarian meal instead.

Q: Can you arrange a vegetarian / gluten free meal?
A: Yes, we can provide a vegetarian / gluten free meal for you.
For vegetarian meals, please let us know whether you can eat egg or milk / dairy or dashi (broth made from fish stock).

If you cannot eat pheasant, or have some allergy, or would like to request our seafood / vegetarian menu, please let us know at least 3 days (or very latest 24 hours) in advance of check-in.
*Please note that we will not be able to change your dinner menu on the day of check-in.

Where do we eat breakfast and dinner?

Generally, breakfast and dinner will be served in your room. If your group consists of 6 people or more, we may ask you to have meals in our special reception room, banquet room, or another cottage.
*It is possible for up to 12 guests to eat together in the cottage.

Can we add dinner to our package?    

If your current reservation includes breakfast, but not dinner, please note that our hotel does not have a restaurant (we serve meals in the guest rooms). Also, there are no restaurants near to our hotel; the nearest restaurants are located near to Hakone-Yumoto station, which is about 10 mins from the hotel by car or bus.

You may add a Japanese-style dinner to your package, but we need at least 1 day's advance notice. *please note that we cannot add it on the same day. The cost is 5,400 yen (with tax) per person, per night.

What time are meals served?    

Please choose your meals times from the following when you check in:

Dinner:   from 6:00pm / 6:30pm / 7:00pm (last order)  

Breakfast:  from 7:30am / 8:00am / 8:30am (latest)                                         

*Guests must check in by 18:30 to eat dinner at our hotel. Guests who check in after this time may not be served dinner, and no refund will be given. (Please understand that we would like to serve fresh meals for our guests, so we ask for your cooperation and understanding)

*If you have any allergies, or would like to request our seafood / vegetarian menu, please let us know at least 3 days (or very latest 24 hours) in advance of check-in. Please also note that we will not be able to change your dinner menu on the day of check-in.

Can we bring our own drinks (wine, etc) into our room and drink them at anytime?

There is a charge of 1,000 yen / bottle to drink your own alcohol during dinner or breakfast. Outside of meal times, you may bring in your own food and drink them in your room without charge.

*If you group leaves a lot of garbage (empty cans, bottles, etc), we will charge 1,000 yen to dispose of them.

Do you have any dinner upgrade options?    

Our basic dinner course includes pheasant grilled on clay tiles, seared pheasant meat, and a pheasant hot pot.

We also have 2 upgrade options available (the dishes below can be added to the basic dinner course):

1) Pheasant Shabu Shabu, with pheasant rice cooked in an iron hot pot.
(Additional charge 1,080 yen / person)

2) Pheasant Big Hot Pot: additional pheasant meat with egg porridge (you can cook the pheasant meat either shabu shabu style or boiling it or stewing it, whichever you like).
(Additional charge: 2,160 yen / person)

If you would like to upgrade your dinner course, please let us know.

Can you arrange a birthday cake after dinner during our stay?    

We can prepare a birthday cake or fruit platter for a birthday celebration during your staying.

Q : How much is the cake or fruit platter?
A : You can order your birthday cake through the website below. You can see the image for the cakes here:


Our kitchen can prepare a special fruit platter that includes a birthday message. (Prices start from 2,000 yen)

Please let us know your plan for the celebration in advance.  

(Please let us know the details such as: What is your budget for the cake or fruit platter? What kind of the cake would you like? What time should we bring it to your room? Do you need some candles or a message card? Etc)

Can you provide lunch for us during our stay?  

 Unfortunately, we cannot provide lunch for our guests.
However, we can make some recommendations for places to eat lunch in the area. Please ask the front desk staff for further information.


JR TOKYO Station to JR ODAWARA Station    

IIf you have a JR pass, you can take the JR Shinkansen from Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station (in Tokyo) to Odawara Station. 

JR Tokyo Station - Odawara Station (40 min)

JR Shinagawa Station - Odawara Station (30 min)

At Odawara Station, please transfer to the Hakone Tozan Line bound for Hakone-Yumoto Station.

From Shinjuku Station (in Tokyo) to Hakone-Yumoto Station by Romance Car    

From Shinjuku Station, please take the Odakyu Line bound for Hakone-Yumoto Station.

If using the Limited Express (Romance Car), it takes about 90mins from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station.


From Odawara Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station (20mins)    

From Odawara Station, please take the Hakone Tozan train to Hakone-Yumoto Station.

It takes about 20 mins.


If you have a JR pass, please take a Shinkansen from JR Kyoto Station to either JR Mishima Station or JR Odawara station.

Our hotel can be accessed from either JR Mishima Station (by 2 buses) or JR Odawara station (by train and bus). We recommend to come here from JR Odawara Station instead of JR Mishima Station. This route is faster and more convenient than the Mishima route.

If you would like to come here from JR Mishima station, you have to take the bus twice, via Lake Ashi. It takes 35mins x2 buses. 

Note: sometimes guests may miss the bus stop in front of our hotel. The bus stop name is “KUZUHARA” (it is not “HOEISO” like our hotel name).
In that case, please let us know and we will tell you the access information for the route.

From Hakone-Yumoto station → Hoeiso (by bus or taxi)    

There are three ways to get to our hotel from Hakone-Yumoto Station:

① By Ryokan Loop Shuttle Bus -- "B" Course, bound for Soun-dori

Departs at 15mins past and 45mins past the hour.
*Last bus leaves at 6:45pm.
Takes around 10 min.
Cost: 100 yen / person. Please tell the driver to stop at "Hoeiso".

② By Hakone Tozan Bus K Line from bus-stop No.4

Please get off at Kuzuhara bus-stop.
(Our hotel is in front of Kuzuhara bus-stop)
*Last bus leaves at 8:10pm.
Takes around 10 min.
Cost: 250 yen / person.
If you have Hakone-Freepass tickets, you can take this bus for free.

③ By Taxi

Cost: about 1,000 yen / taxi.
Takes around 10 mins.
(normal business hours: until midnight)  

From Narita Airport to JR Tokyo Station or JR Shinagawa Station.    
If you have a JR pass, you can take the JR Narita Express to Tokyo or Shinagawa.

I heard that the roads around Hakone on Saturdays and Sundays can be very busy. What's the best way to avoid the traffic jams?    

The road from Miyanoshita to Yumoto on Hakone National Route 1 can get very busy on weekends. It can take several times as long as normal.
We recommend using the route towards prefectural Route No.732 (old Tokaido route).

 If you have heavy bags, please send to our hotel, or use the Hakone-Baggage Delivery Service.
How much is the price?

Hakone Carry Service Prices:

Normal size: 800 yen / Total of three sides within 120 cm, up to 20 kg
Large size: 1.000 yen / Total of three sides within 150 cm, up to 30 kg
Trunk size: 1,500yen / Total of three sides within 200 cm, up to 30 kg


From Station to Hotel:
On arrival at Hakoneyumoto Station, just check your baggage at the Hakone Carry Service Counter by 12:30pm, and they will deliver it to your accommodation after 3:00pm.

From Hotel to Station
Check your baggage at our hotel by 10am, and it will be delivered to Hakone-Yumoto Station between 1:00pm - 7:00pm.

How do we get to Gotemba Premium Outlet from Hakone-Yumoto Station?    

You can take bus from the No.3 Bus Stop at Hakone-Yumoto Station, or No.2 Bus Stop at Gora Station.


Do you offer free parking for hotel guests?    

Yes, we have 12 parking spaces (free of charge).
There are 2 parking spaces in front of our hotel, and the rest are located on the first floor of the building across the road.
*The entrance is on a slight slope, so if you have a low-bottom vehicle please be careful not to catch the underside.

Hot Spring Information    

There are three types of baths you can enjoy at our hotel.

1) Your In-Room Bath.
(The hot water is sourced direct from the Onsen Hot Spring) 

2) Grand Public Bath, located inside the hotel building.
(separate male / female facilities)
It is open from 3:00pm-12:00midnight and 6:00am-10:00am to the public.

3) Open-Air Bath, located near the river.
(separate male / female facilities)
It is open from 3:00pm-7:30pm and 6:00am-9:30am to the public.
It becomes a private bath after 7:40pm.

From 7:40pm-8:10pm families with babies or small children can use it together.

From 8:20pm to 12:10midnight it can be reserved privately for individuals, couples, or families.

*We will do our best to accommodate requests for the private onsen, but please understand that your requested time may not be available.


***Private Onsen Reservation Time Table***

The following time slots may be reserved for private use:

8:20pm - 8:50 P.M.
9:00pm - 9:30 P.M.
9:40pm - 10:10 P.M.
10:20pm - 10:50 P.M.
11:00pm - 11:30 P.M.
11:40pm - 12:10midnight. 

Please choose one of the slots above and confirm it when you check in.
Alternatively, you may request your time slot in advance by email.
There is no extra charge.

You can see the image photos on our website:

http://www.hoeiso.com/open-air-hot-spring/open-air-hot-spring1.htm ( English)

http://www.hoeiso.jp/China.html#onsen  ( Chinese )

http://www.hoeiso.jp/Korea.html#onsen (Korean )

What are the hot spring opening times?    

Indoor Public Bath  6:00am ~ 10:00am,
15:00(3:00pm) ~ 24:00(midnight)

Open Air Hot Spring 
6:00am ~ 9:30am ,
15:00(3:00pm) ~ 19:30(7:30pm)

(ladies’ & gentlemen’s room separated as public)

Can we use the private open-air hot spring without a reservation?    

The open-air hot spring is available for private use after 8:20pm.
Priority is given to guests whose reservation package includes a private hot spring. Other guests may use it when it's available.
Private usage is for 30 mins.

Are there any rooms to rest in for guests coming just for day-use of the spa?

Unfortunately, only guests staying at the hotel are able to use our rooms. 

Guests who come to the spa for day-use can take a rest in our lounge, while drinking iced tea in front of the indoor public bath.

If the weather is good, we recommend gazing out upon the beautiful garden and surrounding nature while sitting on a bench, or relaxing on other seats on the terrace lounge near to the river.

Are bath towels provided in the indoor and outdoor public baths?    

Bath towels are not provided. Please bring your own towels.

 What amenities do you provide in the guest rooms and public baths?    

Guest Rooms:
robe (Japanese summer cotton kimono/ yukata), bath towel, face towel, tooth brush & tooth paste, hair dryer, shampoo & conditioner,
body wash, shaver, hair tie, cotton buds, Wi-Fi

Public Indoor Bath:
hair dryer, shampoo & conditioner, body wash,
hair comb, milky skin lotion, lotion, hair tonic, shower cap

Can guests with tattoos use the private hot spring and public baths?    

If guests have a tattoo, they may use the private outdoor hot spring.
In terms of the public bath, please understand that our official policy is that we can not permit guests who have a tattoo to use the public bath. (However, it may be possible to use the public bath if nobody else is using the facility)

Please understand that some other guests may feel uncomfortable to share a public bath with guests who have a tattoo. (Please double check with our staff for our suggestion on taking a public bath when you check in)

What items can you prepare in the room for babies / infants?    

We can prepare the items below for your child:
baby chair / Bumbo, baby bath tub, diaper pail, baby comforter (sleeping futon for baby), baby soap / body-wash, toilet seat for infants, baby bottle sterilizer, kid’s plate with plastic fork, knife and cup.

Can you prepare a baby comforter (sleeping bed) for our baby and child?    

Yes, we can prepare a baby comforter or sleeping bed (Japanese style futon). However, please note that we only have two baby comforters.
The cost is 1,620 yen (per bed).

We also have several other baby comforters for napping.
These are free of charge.

Can I use the internet in my room?
Is there a Wi-Fi signal in the room or near the lobby?
   Yes, we have free Wi-Fi in our guest rooms and the lobby area.
Does each room have a main room and a second room?  

 Our Japanese-style rooms have one main room and another second room. The main room and second room are separated by a sliding door.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?    

Yes, we accept the following credit cards:
VISA / JCB / American Express / Diner's Club / UC / DC / NICOS / Bank Card / Rakuten Card.


*Our check-in time is from 15:00 to 18:30, and check-out time is until 11:00am.

*It costs 150 yen per person per night for the onsen (bathing) tax in Hakone. Please kindly pay when you check out.

You are welcome to arrive here in the morning (or before 3pm) and leave your luggage with us. You can then enjoy sightseeing until dinner time (please be sure to return by 6:30pm at the latest).
Alternatively, you can wait here in our lobby until your room is ready. However, please understand that we will not be able to prepare your room until 3:00pm due to our cleaning service.


Phone+81-460-85-5763 Fax+81-460-85-6760【MAIL】kiji@hoeiso.jp